To get a job as an insurance agent must follow a detailed process because of the liability associated with the profession. According to the Statistics Department of Employment (BL), an insurance agent evaluates and determines whether it can provide an insurance policy, as well as the specific terms of the policy. An insurance agent is

There are several types of life insurance. There are basically four types, namely: risk insurance or death cases, savings insurance or case of survival or retirement, mixed insurance and annuities. Each of these forms of life insurance has its own characteristics. Let us see what each. Risk insurance or death cases What s risk or

An insurance agent who works with Combined Insurance Company is a captive agent, which means that only sells insurance products Combined. Agents working for Combined sell disability insurance, health, accidents, life and supplemental Medicare insurance. The experience in the field of insurance is not required, but prospective agents will need to have at least two

Sales have always been one of the areas in which someone with no formal education can have a good life. Insurance sales are no exception. In fact, the nature of insurance sales establishes it as one of the best sales positions with maximum revenue. Average income The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, for its acronym

Only at certain ages makes sense life insurance. If we refer to insurance pure life insurance risk life, covering death and disability, we want to suitably advise our customers, and we must say that only in the age group between 30 and 50 years this insurance is more appropriate. Before 30 years, we are starting

The companies have insurance liability to protect the assets of the company’s demands, when employees or customers are injured on the property of the company or when employees are injured while performing company business. Premiums for liability insurance are usually paid in a lump sum in advance for coverage for next year, so the entire

Insurance companies purchase insurance providing protection against disease, death, theft and other forms of risk. Policyholders pay monthly premiums or annual policies insurance. Payments for losses represent losses for insurance companies that incur additional costs to operate and grow their businesses. Investors should analyze financial ratios of an insurance company to assess its underwriting discipline,

Instructions Enroll in courses or insurance business at a university or community college. Take classes on insurance business; obtaining a diploma or a degree demonstrates your interest in the field of insurance agencies, which prefer to agents with academic training. Complete your state requirements to become an insurance agent. Get the appropriate license for the

According to Article 1 of Law 50/1980 “the insurance contract is one for which the insurer undertakes, by charging a premium and if the event occurs whose risk is hedged to indemnify, within agreed limits, the damage to the insured or meet capital, income or other agreed services ” . Who is involved in an

The independent insurance agents sell all types of insurance, including health and life, insurance for small businesses, cars and houses. Work from home as an independent insurance agent gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule to meet your customers and a comfortable atmosphere in which you can work. Insurance agents earn on average

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