Policies of insurance of life are sold with death benefits in a range of US $ 100,000 to US $ 10 million. A life insurance policy can accumulate cash value for the insured or simply create benefits available to those who survive within an agreed period of time. Insurance companies have qualification measures for persons

Introduction Provide insurance to individuals and companies protection against large financial losses for damage or loss of property. In exchange for a periodic payment or premium, individuals and undertakings compensation or refund according to the terms of the policy is guaranteed safe. Insurance is part of life daily. Insurance for cars and housing are two

One of the most common questions when hiring a medical insurance is coinsurance. Here knows what this term refers. Coinsurance is a percentage of costs borne by the insured, which applies to the total amount of expenses covered by health insurance after deduction deductible. It is recommended (in the same way as in the case

Fire insurance: This insurance movable and immovable property is covered against the risk of fires. The insurer indemnifies the insured for the damage they have suffered property to be insured because of a fire, of course provided that this was not intentional. Hail insurance: Plantations can be very damaged, with the fall of hail, so

These insurance usually have established waiting periods which vary from case which occurred dependency. Many insurers establish a lack which is usually around the year, for any type of circumstance that is not considered exceptional, such as dependence because of advanced age, not mental illness, etc. Another circumstance that usually has deficiency is occurring due

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