How to become an independent insurance agent and work from home

The independent insurance agents sell all types of insurance, including health and life, insurance for small businesses, cars and houses. Work from home as an independent insurance agent gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule to meet your customers and a comfortable atmosphere in which you can work. Insurance agents earn on average US $ 61,000 a year.


  1. Enroll in courses or insurance business at a university or community college. Take classes on insurance business; obtaining a diploma or a degree demonstrates your interest in the field of insurance agencies, which prefer to agents with education.
  2. Full status requirements to become an insurance agent. Get the appropriate license for the type of insurance you want to sell. All states regulate insurance agents, usually through an insurance department, which often requires you to pass a course for the license and a state exam. Most states also request licenses for each type of insurance, as the two licenses needed to sell health insurance and life insurance or property and casualty.
  3. Establishes the legal framework for your business. Record the name of your business and its structure. with status, and pay the corresponding registration fees.
  4. Acquires an errors and omissions insurance. This insurance coverage protects professional liability insurance agents in case of dispute. The policy of an errors and omissions insurance covers such things as defense costs and damages.
  5. Choose an insurance company you want to work with. Some insurance companies that train and work with independent agents are Farmers Insurance, Progressive & State Farm. Complete all the preliminaries, such as pay a criminal background check, submit an application form and meet for an interview with an insurance manager requirements. Most insurance companies also require independent agents attend formal training to familiarize them with the specific products they offer.
  6. Establishes a home office. Manages a quiet space in your home, ideally a separate and equipped with office furniture such as a desk room. Place a computer, telephone and organizers to archive documents from your customers.
  7. Advertising your business independent insurance begins. Produces advertising materials such as brochures, flyers and business cards. Set a budget for advertising on television, radio and newspaper.

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