Insurance agent

An insurance agent who works with Combined Insurance Company is a captive agent, which means that only sells insurance products Combined. Agents working for Combined sell disability insurance, health, accidents, life and supplemental Medicare insurance. The experience in the field of insurance is not required, but prospective agents will need to have at least two years of experience in the work of commissions on sales.

Payment Structure

Combined offers new agents 13 weeks of paid training while meeting certain sales targets. The specific objectives of the sales contract agreement with the insurance agent is established. After ending the 13-week period, the agent will only change the fee payment. Combined pays commissions based on policies to sell the agent. The company also offers up to US $ 5,000 per month in incentive bonuses.

Only wages commissions

Since the salary of a combined agent based solely on commissions, paychecks may vary widely from period to pay period. The average annual salaries are usually determined by adding the total commissions earned and dividing this between pay periods. This means that an insurance agent can earn Combined for example on average $ 5,000 monthly income, but that does not necessarily mean you win $ 5,000 in revenue each month. A month could win $ 1,000, while the next could win US $ 9,000. These types of fluctuations in payment are normal nature of the revenues are based only on sales commissions.

Some considerations

Wages for Combined insurance agent can vary widely due to the nature of sales commissions. The agents working in more densely populated areas will earn more than those who usually work in more rural areas. Other Internet sites like Glass Door recorded an average annual salary set at US $ 40,390, which is well below the average of US $ 62,520 according to the BLS.

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