Types of insurance

Fire insurance: This insurance movable and immovable property is covered against the risk of fires. The insurer indemnifies the insured for the damage they have suffered property to be insured because of a fire, of course provided that this was not intentional.

Hail insurance: Plantations can be very damaged, with the fall of hail, so this insurance provides a service of real value to farmers who have insured their crops against this risk. Compensation is paid only for the damage caused by hail without considering the losses that may have caused by the wind.

Auto Insurance:

  • Liability: For damage caused to third parties and damage to these things. If the owner of the insured automobile, accident causes injury or death to a third party, the company responds to a certain amount. The compensation for material damage is smaller.
  • Fire, accident or theft: The policy covers the vehicle owner against these risks according to the sum insured. In the case of accident insurance covers damage to the automobile.

Transport insurance: rain can be sea, land and air , and covers the risks to the means of transport, passengers and goods transported . The company compensates the owner of the means of transportation the damage they may suffer in fulfilling his mission by various accidents, according to the sum insured. This insurance also covers damage or injury passengers may suffer as a result of transport accidents.

Credit insurance: Covers the loss which causes him to a person or company insolvent borrowers. By a certain premium the insurance company agrees to compensate it replaces that loss and the actions that can be tried to pursue collection of the debt.

Insurance employee loyalty: They take companies to cover losses that may suffer from infidelity of employees in case of fraudulent behavior.


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